Feb. 2nd, 2006

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So, Im having trouble finding a job, right? Well, not exactly MY FAULT, but my step dad thinks it is. Come on! Ive put in applications at ten places minimum in the past couple weeks, and gotten a couple interviews. But if NO ONE IS HIRING, how the hell is it MY fault? *tears out hair, in frustration* This has seriously gotten to the point where Ive cried about it. My mom is out of work right now, too, except her getting a job is more important than me. Yet he keeps bugging me about it! WTFFFFFFFF!!! AAGH! And he thinks that I should pay for all of my school, for a car, RENT, car insurance if I want to drive one of "his" cars, He says that the room Im sharing with my little sister is NOT AT ALL MINE, that its hers only and that I should get rid of most of my stuff when shes the fucking pack rat who hordes loads of CRAP, and Im tired of him acting like Im his slave or something. Like IM supposed to do all the chores, everything, clean up after him and everyone else and pay rent and just be HAPPY that I have a roof over my head.

Great, now Im crying again. Sorry about the run-on sentence there. I tried to get away from this in Reno, and I knew that if I came back here and lived with my mom and him this would happen all over again. But I missed Omaha too much. Just have to wait until May. Just 4 months.

God Im glad theres a concert tonight.


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